What's an Aries' greatest weakness? I've been told it's impatience, then I've been told it's Commitment. So I'm not sure anymore :T


aries arent weak at anything

anyway why are people always asking about weakness and how the signs are depressed and all this other morbid, character bruising stuff

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Every Pop Punk Interview (x)


Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here

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want to curl up in this cool little nest thing tbh


The most intimate secrets of this Universe can only be discovered through entering the realm of archetypes and symbols.
- Bret Trismegistus
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reginaldbutts asked:
I got some heracronite if you're interested and are you still trading that Shiny Charizard?

Cool what’s your friend code?

The first day of class was overwhelming. 18 hours here I go.

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